I could never watch my father killing a chicken, not even putting a carp which ended up on our Xmas table every year "to sleep". I think children naturally refuse seeing their parents in such situation. Every time I saw my dad I had to remind myself that he's getting older and that he won't be with us forever.  I tried to spend as much time with him as possible. Whenever I came home to visit my parents, I would follow him wherever he went, watch whatever he did while I created this visual memory of my dear father.


During one of visits he ended life of one of his precious chickens which he fed and bred for three years. And I was finally able to watch him doing it. The chicken was killed and the whole family was fed. This is how I will always remember my dad - lovingly caring and providing for our family his whole life.

These photographs suddenly became very precious for me as my daddy left us forever on May 6, 2018.