Jana Rajcova, M.A., is a professional documentary photographer who specializes in capturing social and environmental stories. She holds a Masters degree in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the University of Westminster in London, UK, and currently resides in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Jana's photography is driven by a humanistic approach, where she believes that every photograph should convey a meaningful message. Her personal work focuses on a range of themes including humanity, religion, and the environment. She actively seeks to engage with her subjects, fostering a dialogue that encourages fresh perspectives and stimulates critical thinking in the viewer.

In addition to her photography, Jana also contributes to the field through her writing. Her interviews and essays can be found in several media outlets, including FOTO, FOTOnoviny, Dokumentmagazin.sk, and FOTOma.sk.



Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2023 - German Peace Prize for Photography, Shortlisted

Annual Photography Awards 2022  -  People: Documentary category, Honorable Mention


2024    INSIDE - Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2023     INSIDE - Galéria M. A. Bazovskeho, Trenčín, SLOVAKIA

2022     Exodus.Report  -  Festival [fjúžn], Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2022     Exodus.Report  -  Art of Slovakia Festival, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2020 - 2021      #ICPConcerned GLOBAL IMAGES FOR GLOBAL CRISIS   -  International Center of Photography, New York, USA

2016     IN THE WINDS' WAKES  -  Port Talbot, UNITED KINGDOM

2016     ALTERED STATES  -  Ambika P3 Gallery, London​, UNITED KINGDOM

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