"Vinyl Below" is a portrait of a person, living in today's material world, who found the courage, changed his life and followed his dream. He had invested his entire savings of 50 000 Pounds he had made while having a well-paid job in banking and started living a life he had always imagined. A kind of bohemian life (some may say), life of an artist, a DJ with a dream of having his own record store one day, which he wants to have down below his own barge. Hence the name of the project "Vinyl Below", which is also a name of the subject's future brand name of the store. 

This work is not particularly a self-help kind of material, it is supposed to target and motivate those, who are dreaming about change in their lives. Follow a person en route to their dream, see a person who is satisfied with the current state of events, while doing something he is passionate about. 

This project is about the notion of dreaming and changing one's life.