Photography was always my primary way of expressing myself, just never had the time to pursue my dream. After finishing my studies I returned back home, looking for continuation of what I have learned.


When I returned, I reached a kind of dead end in my photography. I had been photographing mostly during my travels abroad, taking pictures of the social landscape for example in Vietnam, Cambodia, Croatia, or Sicily in Italy – taking portraits of diverse people in their original environment… but I was emotionally detached. Somehow I felt that the work wasn’t taking me anywhere new. I seemed to be exploring territories that other photographers had already discovered.


Photography for me was always a way of experiencing life and also understanding myself in terms of the world. I was trying to create photographs with my heart. I believe that you have to “feel” the picture before you actually create it. It has to be personal.

Even my Major Project I did at the end of my studies was personal. The project "Change" was about people who lost their jobs while working at TATA Steel in Port Talbot, Wales, UK, about the people who were able to change their lives, find a new way of living, adjusting to the new life. I enjoyed finding these people who would fit into my story, meeting them, getting to know them while documenting their story. Through them I have found myself.


Currently I started working on a project which has been on my mind for some time. There’s a taboo, stigmatization about eating disorder. With my project I would like to open discussion, I want to create a visual message which would change perception of the public and at the same time I hope my project would help at least one person. When that happens, I will know that the change I had to go through was worth it.